Once again, Department of Architecture UMS, in collaboration with the School of Postgraduate, welcomed an international fellow from the Department of Landscape Architecture, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. For 2 days, from 4th to 5th April 2019, Prof. Dr. Ismail Said delivered 3 sessions: a general lecture for undergraduate students on design, a general lecture for postgraduate student on abstract writing, and a workshop on literature review. The lecture for undergraduate students talked about biomimetic in architecture design in which he presented an example of how an architectural element could be inspired by the nature. He presented how the wall design employs passive thermal system inspired by camel nasal system. On the next two sessions with postgraduate students, he explored the writing of literature review in a more systematic ways. He stressed on the need of literature review to be more critical.

As a part of his visit, he also discussed with the department on the potential of collaboration for future research. The discussion highlighted the need to extend the academic relationship to further collaboration including join research and workshop with more partners.


Author: Wisnu Setiawan