Departement of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta has a community service program implemented by lecturers which designed to improve the quality of a village for a better life. Dhani Mutiari, who is one of the lecturers in Departement of Architecture, became one of the implementers of the community service program which is located in Jayan, Senting Village, Sambi District, Boyolali Regency. Together with a number of 15 students who are members of the Architectural Design Studio 6 course, a planning process is carried out to make Jayan as a Tourism Village so that the economy can develop properly.

Previously, Jayan had received community empowerment assistance for the last five years from the IMM Faculty of Psychology Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta and produced a reading facility for village children that called Panggon Sinau. The assistance that has been done is a good step, but further planning is still needed to make Jayan as a Tourism Village.

Map of Jayan, Senting, Sambi, Boyolali

The searching for preliminary information in the form of an overview of Jayan in the planning assistance program for this Tourism Village began with a meeting between 15 students from C Class at the Architectural Design Studio 6 UMS, the accompanying lecturer namely Dhani Mutiari, several community leaders of Jayan and IMM Faculty of Psychology UMS who previously played a role in mentoring the people of Jayan Village. In its implementation, this program is carried out in several stages, namely: (1) conducting an inventory of the tourism potential of Jayan and its possibillity of development; (2) creating a master plan for the tourism village; (3) planning the priority area as the initial tourism area of ​​Jayan Village.

The meeting between students and community leaders as well as IMM, Faculty of Psychology, UMS

After the three processes have been carried out, the next agenda was socialized the result to the people of Jayan Village that held on June 28, 2020 in a meeting with the Regional Government, BPR and community leaders located in Panggon Sinau, Jayan Village.


Presentations by students to the public

The socialization received a positive response from the village, BPR and community leaders. The people of Jayen Village said that designs that fit the village context would be easier to apply. In addition, the community also hopes to always be accompanied in the planning process of the Jayen to be a tourism village.