Muhammadiyah Boarding School (MBS) Yogyakarta plans to increase the capacity of its places of worship by building a new mosque due to the increasing number of students upto 2800 students. The old mosque was not able to accommodate all students to carry out congregational prayer activities centrally. For this reason, PPM MBS Yogyakarta held a national level competition for Central Mosque Design Ideas and opened the registration in February 2020 for the public.

The registration was attended by 78 teams from all over Indonesia. The competition required the participants to submit a set of design which included a siteplan, plans, elevations, sections, perspective, and architectural details on the A2 posters. On August 17, 2020 it was announced that 10 teams would qualify for the next round. Then the 10 teams were required to send supporting files and presentations video. On October 17, 2020, the top three was announced. The students of Architecture UMS has won third place, consisting of Fajar Sidik (D300170004), Dicky Putra (D300170007), and Ridha Salma (D300170022).

In the design process the team of Architecture Students UMS took an approach from the history of the establishment of MBS Yogyakarta. MBS Yogyakarta was founded because of the concerns of young Muhammadiyah cadres who felt the lack of a cadre generation of organizations in the Prambanan area and its surroundings. The existing Muhammadiyah schools could not yet answer the lack of stock of cadres in the future. An idea emerged to develop an existing school to become a boarding school with an integrated curriculum content incoorporating the general knowledge/education and boarding school system to produce better Muhammadiyah cadres in the future.

The spirit of MBS in producing excellent cadres who are active under the Muhammadiyah organization is analogous to the shape of river stones. The river stone represents the form of istiqomah because the river stone is able to withstand the middle of a river that continues to push it downstream. The mass of stones this time became the basic idea for the transformation of the design form of the MBS Yogyakarta Central Mosque.