ARCHIFUN #11 is a series of students’ activities to celebrate the anniversary of UMS Architecture. Every year, ARCHIFUN presents a different event with a different theme. ARCHIFUN is an acronym for architecture and fun which are united and have architectural meaning through meaningful fun activities for the entire UMS Architecture family and society. ARCHIFUN #11 this time raised the theme ‘Menaja Ruang’ or arranging space as an element that is very closely related to the world of architecture. Space is one of the key elements that we need to pay close attention to create comfort for all users. Because of its very vital role, the study of this space really needs to be reviewed in more depth.

The series of ARCHIFUN #11 agenda is divided into three main activities: (1) an architectural workshop as a pre-event, (2) an architectural design competition, (3) and a virtual architectural exhibition as the highlight of the event. The first activity featured an Architecture Workshop which was held in October 2020 with the title ‘Architectural Design Methodology’. As an opening event, ARCHIFUN #11 invited fellow architecture students to strengthen the important stages in designing architecture through workshops. Participants received material on the first day and worked on training assignments for discussion on the second day. This activity was conducted online using a remote face-to-face application. The event presented two speakers: Mr. Teguh Iswara (Architect – Urban Designer) and Mr. Wisnu Setiawan (UMS Architecture Lecturer). This activity ran smoothly and was attended by various students from various parts of Indonesia.

The second activity agenda featured an Architectural Design Competition which was held in April 2021 and took the title ‘Rumah Mandiri Pangan’ and carried a theme related to the pandemic, namely ‘Maximize Tight Space for Sustainable House-garden’. This theme explored the efforts to maximize small land in residential areas into a garden to accommodate small-scale food needs in the Covid-19 pandemic situation and after the situation ends; thus, this idea could be sustainable. This competition activity had the output of design solutions to adapt during the pandemic so that it could provide benefits not only for us friends in the field of architecture but also for society in general. This activity was on a national scale and received very good support from IAI Surakarta. The judging process was conducted virtually through a remote face-to-face application. The jury team in this competition was supported by Mr. Sigit Kusumawijaya (Architect – Urban Designer), Mr. Qomarun (Lecturer of Architecture UMS – member of IAI Surakarta), and Mrs. Yayi Arsandrie (Lecturer of Architecture UMS). This activity went smoothly and got 3 best works and 1 favorite work.

The series of ARCHIFUN #11 events ended with the Virtual Architecture Exhibition. This activity was running from April 17, 2021 and will end on May 17, 2021. This activity carries the theme “Nyasa Diri, Nyasa Alam”. This exhibition carries the issue of environmental space as outlined in the layout of the exhibition space, starting from the existence of environmental problems seen from an architectural perspective to the realization of a sustainable environmental space. This exhibition displayed student works such as architectural posters arranged according to the theme, works in lecture activities, sketches and designs, photographic works from the department’s internal community, as well as works by UMS Architecture students who participated in off-campus competitions. The top five best works from the Architectural Design Competition were also featured in this exhibition. This exhibition became the first virtual exhibition in the UMS Architecture Study Program that raised the realtime concept. This exhibition activity could be viewed on the Lapentor website as a venue for virtual exhibitions on the internet. More detailed information can be followed via the following link: or .