Academic Facilities

To support teaching and learning activities, Architecture Study Program at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta provides various facilities such as:
  • Digital Architecture Laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with computers for students to develop their skills on architectural design and drawing.
  • Structure Laboratory. This laboratory is an embryo for learning building structure and architecture. At present, this laboratory has an earthquake simulator to observe the structure endurance of building models against earthquake risk.
  • Building Physics Laboratory. The Architecture Study Program has a special attention toward architectural research, development, and maintenance. Therefore, the Architecture Study Program complements the Physics Building facilities with various equipment for ventilation, lighting and acoustic research.
  • Landscape Laboratory. The University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta developed a forest park equipped with the collection of rare plants covering around 6 hectares land for environment-based education and at the same time it became a place for public recreation. The EduPark UMS was built with the purpose of providing awareness about the importance of environment conservation. It also serves as a Landscape Laboratory for Architecture Study Program.
  • Drawing Studio. Architectural design learning activities are at the core of architectural education. The Drawing Studio provides a place for students to learn how to design under the Architecture Design Studio course and other related subjects.
  • Final Project Studio. This studio provides a dedicated working space for final year students to do and accomplish their final project for about 2 months.
  • Gallery of Works. The gallery occupies the public space around the classroom to provide a more tangible design reference.  In this space, the students have the opportunity to exhibit their works, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works. It is mostly located along the lecture hall corridors (especially in the Laboratory Building) which are used as Gallery of Student Works.
  • Architecture Library. The library provides several collections of architectural books and magazines, students’ final projects, final project reports, and so on. The library also provides a reading room.