Internship: Field Practice


Field Practice is a compulsory subject in the Architecture Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta. This activity is carried out in order to increase practical knowledge and basic skills in the field of design, implementation, and project management so that students are able to understand and develop their knowledge gained from the real-field and write it down in a report as a result of observation and analysis in the project.


  1. The students must already get 99 semester-credits proven by Academics Transcript validated by Academics Advisor and Student Card copy attached.
  2. The students must have passed these General Subjects: Pancasila, Kewarganegaraan, Agama Islam, Ibadah dan Muamalah, Islam dan IPTEKS, Kemuhammdiyahan, and Bahasa Indonesia with minimum C (2,0) score.
  3. The students must have passed these Particular Subjects: Studio Perancangan 1-5 (with minimum C (2,0) score), Manajemen Proyek, Ekonomi Bangunan, Struktur Konstruksi 1-5, Utilitas Bangunan dan Lingkungan, and Perancangan Interior.
  4. The students must get a recommendation from the Academic Advisor.
  5. Field Practice submission only can be done at the beginning of the semester, mid-semester, and end of semester in order to adjust the student’s agenda and project readiness to accept the students.
  6. Field Practice subject must be listed in the Study Program Card.