Research Seminar: Proposal


Research Proposal is enrichment subject of core competencies of graduates (professional architects) through additional competency in research and entrepreneurial skills. This subject is designed to be an introduction to the Final Project and to equip students with critical abilities towards the phenomena that exist in the environment and society. This subject is held for a full semester, with a method of independent study and learning under the guidance of a scheduled and structured supervisor. This subject is taken by students in an individual system. At the end, students must present the results of their research in front of the examiners. This seminar forum is open to the public, while supervisors only act as facilitators. Before taking this subject, students must have participated in seminar forums organized by other groups.


Students are able to plan, carry out, and compile the scientific research report in the field of design, entrepreneurship or other architectural research and able to present it in scientific seminar forums in a good way.


Based on UMS’ Architecture Study Program 2014 Curriculum, students are able to take the Research Proposal subject if they have met the minimum requirements of 119 semester-credits and must have completed 9 prerequisite subjects with a minimum C score.