SINEKTIKA: Journal of Architecture

Architecture Study Program in UMS developed a scientific journal in the architecture fields titled: SINEKTIKA. SINEKTIKA comes from the word “Synecticos” which means “bringing forth together” or “bringing different things into unified connection”. It means, SINEKTIKA has a role as a media that brings together various ideas and research related to architecture fields. Therefore, SINEKTIKA focuses on the essence of “Architectural Design” as a form of optimization of diverse solutions. This journal is also developed to address young researcher and academics to publish their research and ideas.

In the research context, the meaning of SINEKTIKA is the asset to build a creative framework through thematic excavation based on the society demands and architectural science. In the publication context, SINEKTIKA is an effort to integrate various solutions towards resolving comprehensive architectural problems. It currently presents with the new look. SINEKTIKA is looking forward to receive interest from researchers, students, and the academics to submit their articles