Final Project


Final Project (TA) is the last subject that students must take to complete their education program at the Architecture Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta. The Final Project subject consists of:

  • Architecture Design Concept Studio (SKPA): 3 semester-credits with code TKA80133. The product results are Basics of the Architectural Planning and Designing Program (DP3A) book-formed report.
  • Final Project (TA): 6 semester-credits with code TKA80236. The product results are Architectural Drawing (Architecture Basic Design).


Final Project (TA) is designed based on the 2015 Curriculum framework. In addition, it also adapts various developments that occur, both from the academic, professional and market aspects.

Final Project’s Materials

Final Project’s materials are directed at the pre-determined competencies, namely Islamic Architecture and Sustainability. Field of study materials are grouped into 4 main fields:

  • History of Architecture Design and Development
    – Architecture History and Development
    – Architecture Design
  • Building and Interior Technology
    – Structure system
    – Utility system
    – Building thermal comfort
    – Building materials
    – Energy conservation
    – Lighting, acoustic, and ventilation
    – Interior design
  • Urban Planning, Settlements, and Landscape
    – Urban Planning and Desain
    – Regional design (residential area, housing (real estate), commercial, industry, tourism, particular areas and so on)
    – Sustainable development / ecology
    – Landsape, waterscape, cityscape, etc.
  • Other materials
    – Architectural computer application
    – Professional practice
    – Architecture education and etc.